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Victim Case Studies

These are real case studies of victims of crime from across Greater Manchester.

For privacy reasons the names have been changed.

Christine’s story

Christine was a victim of anti-social behaviour from her neighbours.

Christine began to have trouble with her neighbours being antisocial to her and her family. The issues with Christine and her neighbor escalated and resulted in a group of people smashing in Christine’s house windows with baseball bats and machetes.

After this attack Christine reported the incident to the police who referred her onto Victim Support. Victim Support helped Christine and her family to deal with the aftermath of their ordeal. The incident had affected Christine's whole family including her children, who after an incident involving them left the family home to live with relatives nearby. Christine herself suffered from anxiety due to the impact of the attack. She was given support from a caseworker who carried out weekly calls with her to help with her mental health. Her caseworker also helped to liaise between GMP and housing for Christine. She also received support from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue team who helped to assess Christine’s personal safety.

If you have been affected by anti-social behaviour find out how you can get support on our I have been affected by page.

Jackyline's Story

Jackyline was a victim of stalking and harassment from an ex-partner.

Jackyline self-referred into Victim Support in search of support after being stalked by her ex-partner. Within 24 hours of asking of contacting Victim Support Jackyline received legal support from who helped Jackyline to get a non-molestation order (restraining order) against her ex-partner. Jackyline has also received support from other services search as Paladin, Freedom Programme and a solicitor.

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Gemma's Story

Gemma was a victim of emotional and physical abuse by her husband.

Gemma recently separated from her husband after experiencing emotional and physical abuse.

After being assaulted by her husband Gemma contacted the police who referred her onto Victim Support. Gemma explained that the abuse was getting worse, and although she had filed for divorce, at the time of the assault, her husband was still living in the property.

Gemma was supported by Victim Support for three months both face to face and over the phone. She was encouraged and supported to report other incidents of abuse to the police. Her casework, liaised with all services involved in Gemma’s case to ensure that they all worked together.

Gemma continued to receive harassment and threats from her ex-partner, he made a threat to be at the same holiday resort as her and the children also having previously threatened to kill her. Gemma’s caseworker maintained contact with her whilst she was out of the country at her request whilst working alongside the IDVA service.

Gemma has continued to pursue her case against her husband receiving legal and emotional support.

If you have been affected by emotional and physical abuse you can find out more about how to get support on our I have been affected by page.

Debbie's Story

Debbie was a victim of sexual assault by an unknown man at her place of work.

Debbie was original unaware that she was in fact a victim of sexual assault after being attacked by an unknown man whilst at work. She was encouraged to report her attack to the police who were able to take the case to court. During the case Debbie received support from Victim Support who helped Debbie cope with what had happened to her. Debbie was offered emotional support, she encouraged to realise and understand that she was a victim of sexual assault and was offered ongoing support to help her move forward following the incident. She also received practical support as she was also provided including a personal alarm and a wall panic alarm. These security items enabled Debbie to feel safer while she was working.

As Debbie’s case went to trail Victim Support completed advocacy with the Witness Care Unit this meant Victim Support were able to find out trial information for Debbie and also completed advocacy with court with regards to Debbie not receiving the compensation payment the offender was ordered to pay.

If you have been affected by sexual assault you can find out more about how to get support on our I have been affected by page.

George's Story

George was a victim of anti-social behaviour and burglary

George’s story

George had been suffering from the antisocial behavior of his neighbours for two years. George reported the issue to the police after one of his neighbours assaulted George and burgled his home.

His neighbours’ behavior had a huge impact on how George was living his life, he would stay with his daughter throughout the day and in the evenings would sleep in his car. George had been diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder and had mobility difficulties. George was being supported by a psychiatrist who was unaware of the crime.

After reporting the crimes to the police George was referred into Victim Support, who worked with both George and his daughter Lauren to help get George the support he needed to after such an ordeal. George was given a caseworker who helped George and Lauren to get other services to work together to ensure George got the support he needed.

If you have been affected by anti-social behaviour find out how you can get support on our I have been affected by page.

Beverley's Story

Beverley and her daughter were at the Manchester Arena attack.

Beverley and her daughter were at the Ariana Grande concert on the night of the attack at the Manchester Arena. Beverley’s daughter was caught up in the attack and was in hospital for several weeks after it.

Beverley and her daughter were both referred into Victim Support who worked with both of them to deal with the impact the attack had, had on them. They were given help with coping mechanism and techniques to calm them.

Both Beverley and her daughter received emotional and practical support and were put in touch with other services such as the NHS Resilience Hub who worked alongside of them to provide care after the attack.

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