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Christine's Story

Christine’s story

Christine was a victim of anti-social behaviour from her neighbours.

Christine began to have trouble with her neighbours being antisocial to her and her family. The issues with Christine and her neighbor escalated and resulted in a group of people smashing in Christine’s house windows with baseball bats and machetes.

After this attack Christine reported the incident to the police who referred her onto Victim Support. Victim Support helped Christine and her family to deal with the aftermath of their ordeal. The incident had affected Christine's whole family including her children, who after an incident involving them left the family home to live with relatives nearby. Christine herself suffered from anxiety due to the impact of the attack. She was given support from a caseworker who carried out weekly calls with her to help with her mental health. Her caseworker also helped to liaise between GMP and housing for Christine. She also received support from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue team who helped to assess Christine’s personal safety.

“The support that I have received will enable me and family to be together again’’

Support and information can be found on our Anti-social behaviour page.

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