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Gemma's Story

Gemma's Story

Gemma was a victim of emotional and physical abuse by her husband.

Gemma recently separated from her husband after experiencing emotional and physical abuse.

After being assaulted by her husband Gemma contacted the police who referred her onto Victim Support. Gemma explained that the abuse was getting worse, and although she had filed for divorce, at the time of the assault, her husband was still living in the property.

Gemma was supported by Victim Support for three months both face to face and over the phone. She was encouraged and supported to report other incidents of abuse to the police. Her casework, liaised with all services involved in Gemma’s case to ensure that they all worked together.

Gemma continued to receive harassment and threats from her ex-partner, he made a threat to be at the same holiday resort as her and the children also having previously threatened to kill her. Gemma’s caseworker maintained contact with her whilst she was out of the country at her request whilst working alongside the IDVA service.

Gemma has continued to pursue her case against her husband receiving legal and emotional support.

“Knowing that I had someone at the end of the phone to listen when things were bad made me feel a lot stronger”

If you have been affected by emotional and physical abuse you can find out more about how to get support on our I have been affected by page.

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