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George's Story

George's Story

George was a victim of anti-social behaviour and burglary

George’s story

George had been suffering from the antisocial behavior of his neighbours for two years. George reported the issue to the police after one of his neighbours assaulted George and burgled his home.

His neighbours’ behavior had a huge impact on how George was living his life, he would stay with his daughter throughout the day and in the evenings would sleep in his car. George had been diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder and had mobility difficulties. George was being supported by a psychiatrist who was unaware of the crime.

After reporting the crimes to the police George was referred into Victim Support, who worked with both George and his daughter Lauren to help get George the support he needed to after such an ordeal. George was given a caseworker who helped George and Lauren to get other services to work together to ensure George got the support he needed.

If you have been affected by anti-social behaviour find out how you can get support on our I have been affected by page.

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