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I've been affected by...

If you've been affected by crime, or you're worried about someone else who has, the information on these pages will provide you with practical advice and information to help you recover from what has happened.

Anti-social behaviour

Have the actions of others affected your quality of life?


Burglary can affect you emotionally, not just financially.

Business crime

Business crime is not a ‘victimless’ crime.

Car crime

Information and advice for victims of car crime.

Criminal damage

Deliberate damage to your home or belongings can make you feel targeted and vulnerable.


Many crimes now take place on the internet, computers and smartphones.

Domestic violence

If you think you're a victim of domestic abuse, or you’re worried about someone else, we can help.

Doorstep crime

When criminals turn up at your door and use lies and deceit to scam or steal from you.

Drugs and alcohol

Help and support for people living with addiction and substance abuse.

Female genital mutilation

Advice and information about this harmful practice.

Forced Marriage

Help and advice about forced marriage

Fraud and Scams

What to do if you have been a victim of a scam or fraudulent activity.

Guns, Gangs and Knives

Help if you have been a victim of gang and gun culture

Hate Crime

If you are being targeted for what your religious beliefs, sexual orientation or skin colour.

Modern slavery and human trafficking

If you are a victim of modern slavery and human trafficking or have concerns about somebody who might be, we can help.

Road crashes

Information and advice for road crash victims

Sex abuse and child sexual exploitation

If you think you're a victim of sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation, or you’re worried about someone else, we can help.

Stalking and harassment

Help and support for victims of stalking and harassment.

Loan Sharks

Advice on if you are in debt or have used a loan shark

Rape and Sexual Assault

Help and information for victims and those concerned about victims of rape and sexual assault

Elder Abuse

If you have been affected or are concerned about somebody who may be affected by elder abuse we can help.

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