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Drugs and alcohol

If you’ve been affected by drugs or alcohol, or you’re worried about someone else who is, help is available.

Recognising that you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol is one of the hardest steps to recovery. If you’ve come this far, you are already making big progress.

How it can affect you

Some people believe they can function perfectly well while using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis. However, many people suffer damaging psychological and physical effects as their ‘fun’ past-time quickly turns into dependency and addiction.

Drug and alcohol dependency can also lead to people committing crimes to feed their habit.

Find help and support

Don’t struggle with addiction in silence. Open up to a trusted friend or family member, or even speak to your GP. Some areas provide drug and alcohol drop-in centres, which means you can find help and advice without needing an appointment.

Find help and support near you:

Syringes and anti-social behaviour

If you find discarded syringes you should report this to your local council who will arrange for safe removal and disposal of them.

If you are concerned about drug-taking or dealing in your area because it is taking place in a public area or is affecting your life and causing harm to others, you can report this to your local council.

Drugs and the law

If the police find you with illegal drugs, you could face prosecution. The punishment depends on which drug you have, how much you have, and whether you are dealing or making the drug.

Drugs advice for schools

Departmental advice for school leaders and staff on managing drugs, drug-related incidents within schools and pastoral support for pupils.


ADS (Addiction Dependency Solutions) – a leading UK drug and alcohol charity operating throughout the North and the Midlands.

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs makes recommendations to the government on the control of dangerous or otherwise harmful drugs.

Alcohol Concern

Club Drug Clinic

The Club Drug Clinic is a national service for people who have begun to experience problems with their use of recreational drugs.

Crew 2000

Crew 2000 specialises in reducing the harms associated with substance abuse, providing impartial information advice and support.


Drinkaware is a charity that works to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK.


The Drugs Meter app compares your drug taking against the Drugs Meter community to give unbiased, anonymous feedback.

Reducing drugs misuse and dependence


Port of Call

Port of Call is a safe place that provides support, information and a network of addiction treatment specialists.

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