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The Randox Testing Services Laboratory are currently being investigated for manipulating forensic evidence from thousands of criminal cases across the country. Some victims of crime in Greater Manchester may be affected by the Randox scandal.

Greater Manchester Police have responded to the ongoing investigation into Randox Testing Services Laboratory:

"As you know, Greater Manchester Police is currently conducting a criminal investigation into forensic results issued by Randox Testing Services (RTS).

RTS has provided forensic services to police forces, including GMP, for several years and this investigation concerns the manipulation of sample analysis data.

To be clear, currently no information or evidence suggests that physical samples have been directly tampered with.

We want to reassure you that all investigations concerning samples tested by Randox for GMP are being reviewed and re-tested where appropriate by approved forensic services.

This will be done as quickly as possible but samples are being tested on a priority-basis based on the severity of the offence and if someone is serving a prison sentence.

This re-testing is currently ongoing and we are doing everything we can to provide anyone affected with the answers they deserve.

The officer investigating your case will contact you, where appropriate, with any updates.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact that officer directly and they will try and help in any way we can." (February 2018)

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