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Survivors Manchester

About this service

Breaking the silence on the sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault and exploitation of boys and men in Greater Manchester

Survivors Manchester Logo

Survivors Manchester is a survivor-led/survivor-run organisation in Greater Manchester that aims to:
Promote and protect the good health and wellbeing of boys and men in Greater Manchester directly affected by sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation;
Provide evidence based therapeutic and practical support services to male survivors, aged 18+, of sexual abuse and rape living in Greater Manchester.
Provide qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, specialist and general support workers to support and advise male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation on how to cope with and move beyond their unwanted sexual experiences.
Provide education, training and awareness raising campaigns around the issue of the sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation of males of all ages and backgrounds, whilst continuing to learn from our work and respond effectively to new knowledge and identified needs.
Our work is concentrated on empowering boys, men and their loved ones to make their own positive life choices and begin their own unique journey of healing.
We know that being in contact with other survivors allows one to feel less isolated; feel connected and break the silence and legacy of abuse.
We work with guys however they want us to, the important thing is that they are in control of their journey; with support they can work out what it is they need; and they can help themselves to become the person they really want to be and not what they think others want them to be and so begin a journey of supported discovery and self-healing.

Survivors Manchester provides support to three specific groups of people in Greater Manchester:
1. Boys and men who have been directly affected by sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault or sexual exploitation at any point in their life;
2. Friends, families and loved ones of boys and men who have been affected by sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault or sexual exploitation at any point in their life;
3. Professionals who are working with boys and men who have been affected by sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault or sexual exploitation at any point in their life.
Our primary support for boys and men is designed to enable males to access support in a way they feel the most safest and most comfortable.
The first line of support is online with our specially created website that allows individuals to download support material that we have researched to ensure it is effective and useful, whist remaining anonymous.
Our second level of support is for people who want direct contact but retain some level of anonymity. Our email support service ( and telephone support service (0161 236 2182) are there for you to talk, get advice and find out more about coming in to see someone.
Our third and most popular level of support is our face to face services, both one to one and group. We offer emotional support, counselling/psychotherapy, and both peer-support group and psychotherapy group.
At times, we also provide specific health and wellbeing activities like walks and football, and specialist groups, such as art therapy group.
Our support for the partners, friends and families of boys and men affected by sexual abuse happens by email, phone and 1:1 counselling; whilst our support for professionals includes telephone and email advice.
All of our work, our services, our training, and the conferences we speak at are all for the purposes of breaking the silence that we feel as male survivors.


Support types offered:

We support people affected by:

  • child abuse and neglect
  • child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation
  • sexual assault and rape

We can help with:

  • we provide general support and signposting

Who we help:

  • men
  • people with mental ill health

Who we accept:

  • Self referrals
  • Third party referrals

Areas we cover:

  • We cover all Greater Manchester

How you can contact us:

  • Face-to-face (by appointment)
  • Face-to-face (by drop in)
  • Online
  • Telephone

Where to find us

Survivors Manchester
Unit 9, Brewery Yard, Trinity Way
M3 7BB

0161 236 2182


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